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Our Story

Our Story

It all began with a flavourful Dried Boletus dish. It has continued with a Healthy Food Diet. 

We originally come from the region where the forest/wild mushrooms are collected every spring and autumn. And Organic Forest Mushrooms are all about flavour, nutrition and health benefits. These are tasty products earned from untouched nature.

After more than six years of travelling around the world, we decided to call Berlin our new home. When we moved to Berlin, we fell in love with the vibe and variety of food options. After two years of living in the city, we noticed that something is missing - flavourful healthy dishes made of wild mushrooms. The idea was immediately born, and here we are. 

We would like to become market leaders as we offer high-quality products and competitive prices. All our products are carefully controlled and certified 100% Organic. They are a perfect fit for those who are healthy food lovers as our natural products are the source of premium quality. All of them are vegan, gluten-free, & lactose-free. The products are packed in the most advanced conditions and conform to all sanitary standards in equipment and maintenance. 

Our idea continued with the trip to Creta, Greece. We were looking for the best Olive Oil worldwide and we were at the right address. We were lucky enough to meet a young entrepreneur, Eftihis Androulakis, who welcomed us and explained with a big passion everything about the best Olive Oil worldwide. He combines tradition with cutting edge technology to produce olive oil that is exceptional in both taste and quality.

Preserving traditional methods of sustainable organic cultivation and processing, Eftihis  and his partner integrate them with the newest technology in order to get the best out of each olive and create a premium extra virgin olive oil.
Their motto is "to respect the trees, look after them, and they will richly reward you with their fruits". The best quality olive oil with all of the olive oil’s health benefits is their ultimate reward.

We are very proud to be able to have PAMAKO at our store as it is one of the few olive oils worldwide to have a certified health claim on its label in accordance with EU regulation 432/2012, as it contains very high amounts of phenols. What about a moment of luxury for your body? 

Do not forget to try our aromatic 100% natural and organic spices and gluten-free organic bread mix. During baking, the kitchen will smell wonderful, strengthening your all senses.

Organic herbal tea from Crete will boost your immune system and help you survive this winter. 

Last but not least, we care about our planet and all our products are environmentally friendly. No plastic touch.

We are proud to say that -> By purchasing our Organic Mushbread product you are supporting the Future of Hope foundation. 

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