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Organic Rosemary


Premium Organic Wild Herbs - Wild Rosemary: calming aroma and intense taste! Boost your meals and give a Greek touch to your dishes.

High-Quality Organic Products

  • Hand-Picked & Hand-Packed
  • Non-GMO, Gluten-Free, Lactose-Free
  • Vegan Diet, Protein Diet, Healthy Diet
  • Natural Energy Booster

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In an era of giant corporate farms, where the flavour is often sacrificed for uniform size and appearance, we stand out in the commitment to sell naturally grown products.


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We are pleased to be able to present this hand-picked wild product. With its relaxing aroma and special intense taste, Dried Rosemary goes well with meat/fish, vegetables and gives a spicy taste to soups while boosting your meal with its medicinal properties.

It comes from the Cretan mountains. With respect to its value and responsibility towards Greek tradition and the environment, our Dried Rosemary is organically grown and carefully handpicked - to ensure you receive the finest quality. It is naturally dried. This excellent kind of herb, growing in the Mediterranean region, will boost your meals and give a Cretan touch with its flavour!

It pairs exceptionally well with Pamako Olive Oil -> for the most delicious dishes.

This “divine” herb will bring a Greek feeling to your meals with its strong taste and calming aroma, but it will also boost your wellbeing with its medicinal properties. Rosemary has long been recommended for strengthening the brain and memory. The herb contains substances that are useful for improving digestion and increasing circulation.

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Ingredients: Certified Organic Rosmary
Product type: 100% BIO
Production process: Dried Rosemary
Package: Premium
Store in a cool, dry place

Every piece of our products is carefully hand-inspected against dirt and other biological and non-biological impurities.

Organic Dried Rosmarin is organically grown and carefully handpicked. It is naturally dried. This excellent kind of herb, growing in the Mediterranean region, will boost your meals and give a Greek touch with its flavour!
Instructions For Use: Organic Rosemary is ready to use. Dust over finished plates. In Greek cuisine, it is used in salads, with fish, lamb, lemon and sweet dishes.

Add it just a few minutes before your meal is ready, or right after you close the heat.

Rosemary is a spicy and warm herb. Its unique flavor will take your homemade bread, cracker, or other baked good to another level! You can season rice, fish or meat, beans and other veggies - especially goes well with potatoes, it adds unforgettable taste and aroma.

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