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Organic Dried Morels

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High-Quality Organic Products

  • Hand-Picked & Hand-Packed
  • Non-GMO, 100% ORGANIC
  • Organic European goods


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Handpicked and Sun-Dried Organic Morel Mushrooms

The Story of Luxury, Physical Strength, Medicine, and Timeless Culinary Art

The story of luxury, strength, medicine, and timeless culinary art unfolds with each of our handpicked organic morel mushrooms. Let yourself be carried away by the seduction of the senses and experience the magic that has fascinated generations of connoisseurs for centuries. We look forward to hearing your own compelling story with our morels.

The Romans, visionaries of antiquity, recognized not only the culinary excellence of these mushrooms but also their power, bestowing extraordinary strength upon their warriors. The ancient Egyptians regarded morels as a royal delicacy, reserving them exclusively for the Pharaoh and his closest confidants. In traditional Chinese medicine, morels have been used for over 2000 years to treat various ailments.

Today, inspired by this epic history, our mushrooms are handpicked with the utmost care and dedication in remote, shaded forests. They are meticulously cut and gently air or sun-dried, preserving their freshness even beyond the season.

Product Details, Ingredients

Emphasizing the organic nature of our product is crucial to us. Our organic dried wild mushrooms, ranging from 30g to 60 g, undergo rigorous analyses – both the product itself and the location of mushroom harvesting. Additionally, all our mushrooms undergo radiological examinations, and we proudly present our corresponding certificates. Treat yourself to the taste of nature with confidence in quality and purity.

- High-quality European product made from 100% pure morel mushrooms (Morchella)

- Meticulous processing and packaging under the highest hygienic standards

- Organic certified according to DE-ÖKO-070 

- First Class product

- Nutri-Score: A

- Moisture content <12%

- Store in a cool, dry place

- 100% Organic RS-BIO-162

Ingredients: Certified Organic Morels (Morchella Mushrooms)
Product type: 100% BIO
Production process: Dried Mushrooms
Package: First-Class
NutriScore: A
Moisture content <12%
Store in a cool, dry place

Every piece of our mushrooms is carefully hand-inspected against dirt and other biological and non-biological impurities. Free of worms and wormholes.

All our Organic Dried mushrooms are of the finest quality. We dry the first-class Boletus, Chanterelles, Black Trumpet, and Morels so that in the dried slices of these mushrooms, and powders as well, you can feel the enchanting aroma and smells of true nature, untouched and clean, rich flavour with the most beautiful scents of wilderness.

High- quality product made of 100% pure forest mushrooms, packaged in the most advanced conditions and conform to all sanitary standards in equipment and maintenance.
Instructions For Use: Cook dried mushrooms directly in the liquid or soak them previously in water/milk/oat milk/white wine for 20 - 30 minutes to gain volume.
Afterwards, cook them, for example, as appetisers, in risotto, or as a coating for fish, or simply blend into sauces for pasta, chicken, meat, and potato/veggie dishes.

Dishes Ideas: Dried morels Paella, Dried Morels and Asparagus Pasta, Dried Morels and Goat Cheese Quiche, Dried Morels Risotto, Dried Morels Creamy Soup, Coal Steak with Dried Morels, Beef and Dried Morels Stew

Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Kai B.
Very good quality at a resonable price

We have ordered the morels several times and have always been satisfied

Jan-Oliver Küster

Perfect! Thx!

Karin Wissmann
Ein Geschmackserlebnis

Mit Nudeln in einer feinen Sosse. Ein Traum! Beste Qualität.

Stefanie Kappeler

Organic Dried Morels

Ursula Nahr

Delicious aromatic yummy